Friday, July 29, 2011

{Shop Update & Christmas in July Discount}

Good morning bloggy friends. This post is going to be short and sweet. I think I mentioned earlier in a post that the summer flu had come to our house. Well, it’s still here. And it’s getting uglier. And this is the last week of summer vacay. How cruel is that?? I can handle me being sick, or the kids being sick, but when we’re all sick, well that’s kind of like loosing both engines on a plane. Fortunately my sweet, sweet mama is on her way to nurse us all back to health. You never outgrow needing your mama. Never.

So in honor of my whole Christmas in July mojo thing I’ve been feeling this week, how about a little shop update and a discount?


New in the shop are lots of snazzy key fobs, super cute binky clips {including one with a ruffle}, new burp cloths, camera strap covers, bow ties and more!

Have you visited the new site,

It’s beautiful, and soooo easy to shop!

Picnik collage


Picnik collage2

Picnik collage3

And how about a discount to go with all those cute new things?

Enter julychristmas15 in at checkout for 15% off you order.

I’m off to drink chicken soup….

Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Inspiration Workshop- the Beach}

It’s time for Gussy’s Inspiration Workshop again this week!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

The prompt this week was for the Beach, and I must confess, I haven’t been to the beach in years. I’m just not much of a beach person.  But lately I have been craving a little beach time. Sans kids. And cell phones and computers. Just me, the hubby and a really, really big margarita. *sigh* But that is soooo not gonna happen right now, especially since the hubby is 7,000 miles away.

Looking at beach pics made me really miss our time in the Pacific Northwest. When we first got stationed there five years ago(OMG, five years ago????), I was kicking and screaming- how dare you take me out of the South??  But as we got to know that side of the coast, we truly, truly loved it. We didn’t even know how much until we left it. Now I’m dying to go back. Dying. I’d leave tomorrow.

Since it’s Christmas in July week, I thought Id share a little beach inspired holiday with you.

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest


Don’t they just make you wanna grab a sweater, build a bonfire and sing Christmas Carols while you build a sand castle?

One of the things I loved about the Pacific Northwest was how cool it got by the ocean. I am not a bikini clad kind of girl soaking up the rays, but playing on the beach in my UGS, we’ll that’s kind of fun.




Just a few memories of our time spent on the west coast. Me, in Pt Townsend, Washington and me, the hubby and my parents at the Port of Olympia, Washington where we lived.

When you think of the beach, what do you think of?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{What I {should have} wore Wednesday}- Week #5

It’s time to link up again for WIWW over at The Pleated Poppy.

pleated poppy

And I must say, WIWW was a great big FAIL this week. As in, I failed miserably. Both at getting dressed and at taking pictures when I did.  For the past few weeks I’ve been using the heat as my excuse (heat index of 109), which I think is a pretty good excuse….but lets see if I can come up with something new this week. For a start, we’re all sick around here. Runny nose, swollen eyes, fever, the whole package, so honestly, would really want to see pictures of that? Yea, that’s what I thought.

So this week I’m gonna show you what I should have worn Wednesday, umm k?


My new rain boots. My little girl is obsessed with rain boots and raincoats right now, prompting me to fall in love too. I ordered these from Target. Aren’t they adorable? Perfect for chilly, rainy, fall mornings when we have to head out to preschool. Now to find a cute little raincoat to match. Can you see my Gussy bag peeking around the corner?


My sweet little clutch from aPearantly sew. I love this bag, so happy. And still perfect for Fall. Bonus- the flower pin is removable.


Sparkly Pink High Heeled Sandals and Chunky White Sunglasses.

Enough said.


More sparkles. Love this necklace.

See? There’s proof that I actually do have a pretty cute wardrobe *wink*

Either way, I have to get better at this whole getting dressed in real clothes thing. I know this because when my handyman came over Saturday to do a few things, he said “Oh, you’re still in your pajamas!”

And I wasn’t.


There’s a little motivation for ya’.

How embarrassing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Christmas {In July} Tutorials}

Yesterday I told you all about how I was going to plan ahead for Christmas this year by making lists, filing away crafts, and ear-marking recipes that I want to make during the holiday season. A little prep work, in hopes that some of these fabulous things might actually materialize around our house during the season of chaos.

Part of my plan involves addressing and preparing Christmas cards. And since I’m not one for doing the whole “Christmas letter” – I personally happen to think that the only people who care how many teeth your children have/lost and what cute little song they sing all day are probably the people who either gave birth to them or to you you- I could probably fill them out too. I’m more of a sign your name and Merry Christmas kind of girl. And maybe include a picture that says it all.

Like this one from last Christmas.


Yeah.. that just about sums it up.


Anyways, I absolutely LoVe this Christmas Card hanger tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.

It’s that sweet?

It would be perfect hanging in my kitchen at Christmas.

Provided I’m not up making it the night before Christmas,

christmas card clothespin hanger idea how to

You can find the tutorial over at

Make and Takes,

another one of my favorite blogs.



And speaking of Little Birdie Secrets. They have a super easy, super tasty tutorial on how to make homemade marshmallows. Oh how I wish I had found this two years ago when the princess and I decided to make homemade marshmallows for all the nursery teachers. Never mind the fact that I had to use a candy thermometer, which spelled trouble from the start, but I am still cleaning the marshmallow- candy- coated gunk off my Kitchen Aid. Seriously, I just found another goop hiding on it yesterday.  It was a mess. A great big mess. But these are too cute, and look very simple. Maybe simple enough for me to give it another try. Maybe.

You can find the marshmallow tutorial here.

Something else I’ve always wanted to try is making my own gourmet popcorn. I’m a huge fan of giving wine for Christmas {last year I gave Mad Housewife, signed by the Mad Housewife herself!} because, well, its quick, easy, classy and relatively inexpensive. But not everyone on our Christmas list is into wine, and I respect that. So for those on the list that don’t indulge {in wine}gourmet popcorn is going to be my go-to gift this year.

Sorry, the surprise is ruined.

You’ll get over it when you taste this popcorn. Promise.

You guys have heard me rave about Sarah Jane Studios and her new fabric line. Well apparently she’s got a hubby that knows his way around the kitchen.


You can find this yummy tutorial here.


And how cute would it be packaged in these nostalgic little boxes?

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

I’d really like to add cheese and butter popcorn for my very own little gourmet popcorn trio. So if anyone has those recipes, please share!

Ok, Christmas Cards- check. Christmas Goodies- Check. Christmas Gifts- Check.

Wow, if I put up the tree today I’ll almost be done.

Just Kidding.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rockin’ around the Christmas {in July} tree

A couple of weeks ago I came home to find a package on my door. EEEKK! I get so seriously excited about checking the mail, I’m like a little kid. And I don't know why, because its so rarely for me. Usually its something I've ordered for the kids, or the hubby’s one millionth book delivery from Amazon. But oh no, not today, that was my name on the label. I ripped open my mystery package with all the enthusiasm of a three year old on her birthday. And this is what I saw.

1000519017_LG Umm, excuse me?

Did I mention that it was a thousand degrees outside that day?

I was not amused.

So I tossed it over onto the coffee table and didn’t give it much thought. But a few days later, out of sheer obligation, I opened it up and quickly started to drool over the recipes and crafts inside. I was kind of giggling to myself over how I would never have time to make any of the goodness inside during Christmas, especially this Christmas. After all, the hubby left five days before Christmas last year, which means that he will be due home somewhere in the vicinity of the season this year. That also means we’re in for One. More. Crazy. Christmas. 

xmas 2010

Photo Credit

By the way, that is my dear, sweet husband and our two little elves.

That man is a saint I tell you.


Then it occurred to me, I would have time to make some of those goodies inside, if I start now. It’s like someone just made my holiday season a few months longer. And before you call me crazy, no, I’m not gonna start baking snicker doodles and hanging the Christmas lights. But, I am going to start making my lists, and earmarking those good ideas. It’s not too early for picking recipes or even addressing Christmas cards. 

Why not a little Christmas in July?

A time to plan ahead, look for holiday inspiration, slow down, and enjoy the season.

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest


Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest


So excuse me while I go crank up the air conditioner, make a cup of hot cocoa and sing Christmas carols.  And don’t worry if you hear sleigh bells. It’s just me, planning ahead.

Friday, July 22, 2011

{Summer Camp {Deployment} Care Package}

Oh what a week! It’s been a just a teensy, tiny, bit crazy. An impromptu visit from a college friend, Abby’s very first week of summer camp, and in between trying to squeeze in some updates to the shop. Oh, and did I mention that next week is the last week of summer vacay?? I’m alternating between nostalgia and a happy dance. There was so much I wanted to achieve this summer that just did not happen. But I did manage to squeeze in a lot of good sunshine and quality time with the two sweetest babies around. And that’s all that matters.

Since we’ve been in full on summer camp mode this week- their theme was “"Back to the Farm”- which made for some super cute craft projects, Abby asked if we could send daddy a care package with all her artwork inside. Why yes, you precious baby, we can! But you know I’m not one to let a flat rate box go out empty, so we decided to send daddy a little care package full of all the summer camp essentials.

Being deployed for a year is kind of like being at summer camp, right? *Wink*

And at the top of the list had to be s’mores!  But not just any s’mores. S’mores that would survive the USPS and a 7,000 mile trip.

I dug through the cabinet and came up with our version of s’mores a’ la deployment. Shortbread cookies, marshmallows, Nutella, and almond bark. You can totally use graham crackers, but I had about four boxes of shortbread cookies laying around because I got delivered the wrong cookie order and didn’t have any idea who the little Girl Scout was that I had bought from..but it’s all good.

Picnik collage

Ahhh! They turned out delicious!! Even better than I expected. And to make sure they all got there in one piece, I packaged them in my handy dandy mason jars. That way if they get a little gooey, then he can just eat them out of the jar.

We also added {3 varieties} of beef jerky, corn nuts, sunflower seeds, beef sausage, trail mix, peanuts, honey wheat pretzels, microwave pork rinds and a box of green gummy army men- just because.

And loads and loads of summer camp inspired art work.

That makes a happy toddler- and a happy daddy!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We’ll be gearing up for one last week of summer fun before school starts back and I am officially the mother of a preschooler. More on that later.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Inspiration Workshop- What Inspires Me}

Oh Joy! I LoVe this weeks Inspiration Workshop- what inspires me!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

I have so many daily loves and joys- first and foremost my amazing. brave. sexy. soldier husband. My two sweet, cuddly, precious babies. Incredible friends, amazing family.

But I also love chocolate. and wine. and coffee. Oh, how I love my coffee. I love the band Matchbox 20, and NKOTB still holds a special place in my heart.  I love the aroma of tobacco hanging in a barn on the first day of Fall and the smell of Stetson cologne, both of which remind me of my daddy. I love the roar of a Stryker and the Star Spangled Banner always makes me cry. I have a complete weakness for school supplies and cute shoes and I could spend hours organizing and arranging both.

And I am addicted to fabric. Completely. totally. addicted.

And if it combines my love of organization and fabric, then its just pure bliss.

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest


Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest


Isn’t that top photo completely drool worthy? The green chandelier is fabulous. Just fabulous.

And here’s one of my most recent fabric crushes. Sarah Jane Studios. Her new fabric line is absolutely beautiful.  It’s so full of childhood innocence and vintage charm. It’s the inspiration behind my daughter’s “big girl room” makeover.

Wanna see what else inspires me? Make sure you follow me on Pinterest.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday- Week #4}

Yikes! Where did this week go?

It’s time to link up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!


In between summer camp, adding inventory to the shop, and visiting with an old college friend, I did manage to snap a few pics. Actually, I did a little better this week than most. Ok, quick re-cap then it’s off to do the nap -time cha cha *wink*


DSC03398 DSC03305 DSC03324DSC03393 

Khaki and sequin Tee, White Cardi, Pink Cardi & Capri's- Khols.  Chocolate Tank- Maurices. Chocolate Dress- Cato.

I did manage to snap one pick with my hair down for church on Sunday. But it’s currently 95 degrees here and we’re under a severe heat advisory, so don’t expect too many more of those pics until Fall, umm k?

Have a great Wednesday and make sure you check out the other fashionable, real- life moms on The Pleated Poppy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Snuggly Owl Tutorial}

In honor of summer camp this week, I thought I would share this tutorial with you for the cutest little owl you’ve ever seen! I’ve had this pattern from Ashley over at Make it and Love it filed away for a while now, and I swear I will eventually get around to making these before my babies have babies of their own.



Click here for the tutorial.

“Whoooo” do you know that would love one of these?

Monday, July 18, 2011

{Summer Camp LoVe}

As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on my iced mocha, enjoying the fact that it’s 10:00 a.m. and I have already crossed off most of my errands. Coupled with the fact that I stayed up until 2:00 a.m putting a huge dent in some major house projects, I’m feeling pretty productive.

We were up and at ‘em early this morning for the first day of Summer Camp. Not the sleep away kind, but for my soon to be three year old, it was just as exciting. And since I have my mornings free all week, its pretty exciting for mommy too *wink*

My little ones enthusiasm conjured up a few of my own memories of camp way back when, but let me tell you, it looked nothing like this!

Source: via Stefanie on Pinterest


How cool is this party from Socially Circled ? Looks like the food is much better than what I remember, too.

I’m already taking notes for next Spring when hubby is home and we can “camp out” in the backyard with the kiddos. They’ll be just at the right age for staging a faux camp out- s’mores, tents, fire pit, grilling out, stringing lanterns, breakfast on the deck in jammies.  I can’t wait.

Do you have a favorite camp memory? Share it with me!

Friday, July 15, 2011

{A Shop Update}

It’s a fabulous, sunshiny Friday here in Kentucky,

so how about little shop update to kick off the weekend?

We’ve been working SUPER hard at getting the new website up and running. We encountered a few technical difficulties, but were up and running now and soon you’ll be seeing lots and lots of cute new items in the shop.

Like these stinkin’ adorable bowties!


{ Chocolate Bowtie and matching Pocket Square Combo}


I LoVe these super padded, super cute ruffle camera strap covers. My favorite is the pink leaves :-)


{ Ruffle Camera Strap Covers in Pink Leaves and Orange Floral}


And don’t forget to sign up to receive the Abby Maddy Newsletter and get 15% off your first purchase! Wahoo!!


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Inspiration Workshop- Sunshine}

Yeah! Today is the Inspiration Workshop with Gussy!

This week’s prompt was sunshine :-) We’ve had a really, really rough Spring here in Kentucky. And for a while I was beginning to wonder if we were ever gonna see the sun again. Day after day of rain, night after night of tornados….it was all really starting to wear on my nerves.

So the urgency to enjoy the sunshine has been super high around our house these past few weeks.

Inspiration Workshop- Sunshine

Check out those sweet babies enjoying some summer fun! I think we’ve done a pretty good job, don’t you?

Hope you’re enjoying a little sunshine too!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday- Week #3}

It’s time to link up with Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy for this week’s What I Wore Wednesday!



Still working on this whole self-portrait thing….

DSC03283DSC03292DSC03285DSC03297  DSC03300  

Navy blue sundress, Chaps from Kohl's.

Navy Blue Flower Flip Flops, Vera Wang from Kohl's.

Skinny headband and hair clip, because it was 100 degrees here in Kentucky. That’s also why you’re only seeing one outfit. We’ve been living in gym shorts and t-shirts. It’s too hot to think.

umm, hello? Fall, are you on your way anytime soon? No?

Ok, we’ll be inside, worshiping the air conditioning.

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