Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Thursdays Style- Dreaming of Spring}

Can someone please explain to me how the end of the holidays triggers the beginning of Spring? And why I see bathing suits next to clearance Christmas trees? I must admit, its a little hard to stomach, but mostly because I know its still three long months until warm weather makes its arrival and my toes will once again be free. That, and because I can't wait until we no longer need an extra twenty minutes to dress for the bus stop in the morning. Seriously, the outwear suit up is killing me...but I digress.

 All my life I have been a winter person. Until I had kids. Now I either want it to snow like there's no tomorrow so that my husband will be home to help with said kids or I want warm sunny days. No in-between. I'm done with this icy roads, 2 hour delay, lets cancel school because someone spilled a slushy stuff. Unfortunately for me, we've yet to have any major snow here in Northern Virginia, but we've had a LOT of the latter. A LOT. A WHOLE STINKIN LOT. And we still have at least two months to go. 

So while I'm stuck at home with cranky kids, trying to get a little work done, I do what every stir crazy mama does. I browse Pinterest. And here's a few of the Spring styles I'm crushing on.

Monday, January 26, 2015

{Motivational Monday}

Sunday, January 25, 2015

{Sunday Scriptures- Matthew 6:27}

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Anxious? Nervous? Doubtful? 
Maybe like you're not enough, or not giving enough? 

I know I do. 

And while I love raising babies, and running a business and being an army wife, there are times when it can be a daily struggle to just keep my head above water. Finding quiet time to read, pray, or sometime even shower can seem impossible. But oh what a difference it makes in my day when I have some quiet time with the Lord and begin with a fresh perspective. 

I'm also a big believer in accountability partners, and the power of praying women and mothers. I firmly believe that it is one of our greatest God-given strengths and abilities as mamas and wives, to be able to pray over the ones we love. 

So each Sunday I'll be posting a new piece of scripture that is particularly relevant in my life, or in the life of my family and I invite you to pray with me.  Grab a cup of coffee, your Bible and take five minutes to nourish your own spirit, the same way you nourish those around you. 

Matthew 6:27

"And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?"

Thursday, January 22, 2015

{Thursday's Style- Studio Inspiration}

Last week I shared with you some of my inspiration for the office/studio makeover.
 I was really excited to be able to separate my office and studio spaces slightly and create a more open feel to the sewing room. I've been pinning amazing work spaces for about four years now, so by the time we finally got started I was pretty sure I knew exactly what I was looking for; lots of white, crisp clean lines and tons and tons of storage!

 Check out some of these ideas below. 

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