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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{Grace on a Friday}

This was originally posted back in the Spring, but given the week we're having, the piles of laundry, and the messes surrounding me, I thought it was worth reading again. I hope you enjoy.

Today I was going to write a post about sewing classes.
Actually, last night I was going to write a post about sewing classes, but my hubby is finishing his thesis and he needed my computer. 
So this morning I was going to write a post about sewing classes...

And then the groceries needed to be put away.
And somebody spilled something.
And somebody needed a snack- oh wait, did we have breakfast?
And the phone rang. And the email buzzed. And somebody dumped out something and tried to use the wet mop to clean it up...
And this has been on repeat for the past five days.

 I am looking around at a messy house. At floors that need to be vacuumed. At crummies strewn on my counters. At a desk that is begging for some attention At a cutting table that is being used for anything other than cutting fabric. Is that actual dust I see on my sewing machine? 

I hear two littles that are supposed to be napping but are doing everything but and despite my threats of no post-nap treats are determined to play until something breaks. It's probably going to be me. 

Man. Some weeks are just hard.

God, Give me grace.
I must have uttered those words no less than a thousand times this week.

I wish you could see what I see right now. It looks nothing like those beautiful, glossy, styled photos we love to share. There are flowers but the vase is sticky with hand prints. There are throw pillows but I think (I hope) that's chocolate smeared across one. There is a cute fireplace vignette, but it's littered with toys that  I've taken away in moments of exasperation. There is a fabulous coffee table arrangement but you can't see it for the train tracks and doll clothes.
 It looks like a mess. 
A big, exhausting mess.

But you see, I tried to take some pictures for you. To prove to you just how rough this week has been. So you could see just how tired and depleted I feel right now. A little proof, of what shambles are lying around me.

But when I looked at those pictures, the strangest thing happened.

I couldn't see the mess.
They actually didn't look messy enough.
That carpet that needed to be vacuumed just disappeared. The dust on my TV stand went missing. 
The toys strewn across my living room floor suddenly weren't so visible. 
My coffee table looked kind of pretty.
The roses on my kitchen counter seemed to pop with color.
That cutting table actually looks like a aspiring designer might live here...

And I am reminded again, that sometimes my lens needs to be adjusted. 

Take heart, work at home mama- because, let's face it, we are all work at home mama's aren't we?

What we see through our lens, unswept floors, the unwashed dishes, the piles of laundry, the messes that feel disastrous are just a tiny part of the bigger picture.

Those crummies on my counter means my kids had lunch today. So many children did not. 
Those toys on my floor means we have a roof over our head. Many are homeless.
Those piles of laundry means we have more than just the clothes on our backs. And that pile of work on my desk means I am blessed with work, and a body and mind capable of doing so. 

Sometimes our "messes" are just blessings overflowing.

His grace had been with me all week.
I just didn't see it until a Friday.
Monday, December 1, 2014

{Introducing Sewing 101 E-Course!}

Happy Monday Morning!

I'm home with two sick babies this morning, my assistant is out taking college exams and my phone and doorbell have not stopped ringing since 8 a.m. I don't know why, but it always catches me off guard when my kids are sick but the office doesn't slow down. Doesn't the world know I'm wiping noses, plucking toddlers off counters and checking invisible boo boos every 15 seconds?

But alas they're settled down with a snack and I crept away for a brief moment to make a big announcement..

Beginning February 1st, 2015, 
the Sewing 101 E-Course will be live!

This has been such a long time coming and I am beyond excited to finally get it into your hands! I've been teaching Sewing 101 and 102 Classes for a couple years and have had enjoyed every moment. The E-Course will be a way for us share those same lesson and tutorials, but from the comfort and ease of your own home, at your own pace- no matter where you live!

Are you ready to learn to sew??

Sewing 101 E-course is a low key, low stress, true beginner's class where you will learn to use your machine with ease and confidence, plus you'll complete a few projects to test your new skills!

Class highlights include:

Anatomy of a Sewing Machine

What Supplies do I need? 

All about Sewing Notions, Tools and Accessories

Tips and Troubleshooting

Zipper, Buttons and Ruffles

3 Easy to follow Tutorials

and Much Much More!

Plus, you will gain access to our private Sewing 101 Facebook Group, where you can ask questions, share experiences and post your projects!

The class will take place in a private blog format, where you can work at your own pace, plus once you're enrolled, you will remain a lifetime member of the class!

The E-course begins February 1st, but you can join in anytime and start from day one!  All posts and videos will remain up for you to refer to throughout your course.  Once you are enrolled, you will receive an email in early January on how to log-in and access the course.

Ready to go?!
Enroll Now and receive a FREE Intro to Embroidery Tutorial!

Plus, today only get 20% off your entire purchase, including classes with code [cybermonday}
Saturday, November 29, 2014

{Sponsor and Feature Opportunities- Work with Abby Maddy}

Remember those really big things we've been working on that I mentioned last week? 

Well guess what?
Sponsorships are back this year! 

Beginning January 1st, 2015 we'll be promoting your shops and blogs and I am so excited!

Are you looking to promote your blog or shop?
Have a small budget but BIG ideas?
Love partnering with other shop owners and bloggers?

Let's work together!

Why, you ask?
Because I have a HUGE desire to grow my Blog and my Business!
Because I have a passion for working with other small business owners!
And because by working together, we can make awesome things happen!

Here's the scoop:

Option #1


With this package you will receive a 90 day ad spot {240x240},  monthly shout outs on Facebook, Twitter and in our Newsletter, and a one-time Feature post on our blog. We simply ask that you do one Giveaway with us, or offer an exclusive discount code to our readers during your ad campaign.

Option #2


With this package you will receive a 90 day ad spot {240x160}, shout outs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a Product Review of your choice. *Product Review will be our honest review of your item, and we must receive the item being reviewed in order to utilize and photograph the item.
You'll also have the option of providing a discount code to our readers along with your review.

Option #3


With this package you will receive a 90 day ad spot {120x120}, shout outs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

{Guest Posts and Product Reviews}
Interested in a guest post or product review? I'd love to talk with you!

* You must have Blog or Shop that is congruent with the image and style of Abby MA=addy Inspired to participate.  We will not allow competing shops to have sponsor ads simultaneously. You must request a package when you request your ad, and ads MUST be received within 72 hours of confirmation that you have an ad space reserved. Failure to send in your ad will result in forfeiting your spot. Thanks for understanding! 

Interested? Email 
to claim your spot!

Ad space will be available on a first come, first serve basis and must be consistent with the Abby Maddy brand. Ads will run for 90 days.  Static ads only. We will not accept shops that offer conflicting or competing items to Abby Maddy Designs. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate ad space at any time.
Saturday, November 22, 2014

{The Holiday Gift Guide is here- and a FREE gift}

First, let me say that I really, really can't believe the Holiday are almost here! This year has gone by so fast, I feel as though I just blinked and its almost December. We've been working through some pretty big goals this year at Abby Maddy and I am so excited about all the new things we've been able to achieve- One of which we just debuted this week.

Check out our very first ever digital publication.

The Holiday Gift Guide! 

We had to so much fun pairing these fabulous holiday sets- and as a extra treat, they're all marked at 
a special holiday price!

Plus, you can get FREE Fabric Earrings when you use code {HolidayGiftGuide} at checkout.

But the best news of all is that our Black Friday Sale is coming. 
And its going to be HUGE! 

View the entire gift guide by clicking below, and start making out your holiday wish list!

Need a little help with Santa? 
Email us your wish list and your Santa's name and email and we'll shoot them a message from our Elves to help make your Christmas a little merrier!

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